Community Play

Three full house performances of the community play The Sisters of Castledine Street were presented as part of the project. Researched with the cast, written and produced by director Andrew McWilliam of Chorus Theatre, the play focused on the very local nature of the Suffragette movement in Loughborough. Volunteer actors were engaged to rehearse and perform the play.

Post show discussions brought to life the creation of the play and the historical research it was built on. The play is framed by the impact of changes to people’s lives as a result of the First World War. The war resulted in a change to the traditional roles of men and women. Many women found themselves having to take on traditionally male roles such as factory and farm work only to be expected to give up these roles as men returned from war. At the heart of the play is the Corcoran sisters who lived on Castledine Street in Loughborough who courageously campaigned for the vote locally in the face of great hostility.

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